Marketplace Post #3

These podcasts each take a unique look both the pros and cons of new technological issues and how they effect us. To take a look at all of these issues we can relate it back to one of the three articles from this week that spoke about convergence. The convergence of media is prevalent now more then ever. Technology rarely is used for only one purpose now.

We see how great technology can be like in the first podcast where it can be used for educational purposes. It connects us all and can be used for good, to benefit others, companies, groups, the environment, the world. I think it is amazing how connected technology can make us. The way we are able to connect with others all over the planet.

Another great use of technology, specifically cell phones and computers are text messaging. Something some may have mixed feelings about, it has truly changed the way people around the world communicate. One of the podcasts even discussing how text messages can be sent out to remind people to get vaccines/see their doctor in different countries, where not receiving these vaccines can be imperative.

The internet tends to band together when web freedom is threatened, such as when many different websites went dark in response new laws and regulations that could have limited the freedom of the internet. As well as google allowing Syrian citizens to record messages to twitter to explain what was happening during their internet shutdown from the government.

With all of this, their are cons to such technologies, (as with anything) there will be those companies or people who try and take advantage of the technology, or use the system to benefit them. Facebook constantly changing privacy settings, trying to sell user info, and charge members money. But that is the beauty of technology, the freedom that comes with it.


One thought on “Marketplace Post #3

  1. I like your comment on how the Internet can band people together when freedom is taken. The Syrian takeover is a great example of that. Sometimes the Internet has become so big and important that it almost seems to lose its human aspect, but this example puts the human part right back into it.

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