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I’m excited to start this Media and Technology class because, we are basically living the content. Everything that happens in today’s society is somehow shaped by technology, whether it’s the laptop or phone we are using, or the social network site, YouTube, twitter etc. And media is directly effected by this technology. The way we get and use our media is so different then years ago. The way in which we hear about current events, the way we read a newspaper, is all effected by technology.

I am a Senior, Communications with Global & Media Studies Major. So this class also really brings much of what I have studied together! This is my LAST class, and I will officially have my Bachelor’s Degree (Feels nice to say!! lol)

Right now I have a full-time job as the Customer Service Trainer at Bed Bath & Beyond. I feel that what I have learned throughout earning my degree helps me in my current position. Having a communications degree I feel is a great foundation for many different career opportunities especially in retail!

One thought on “Post #1

  1. Awesome post! We are living in the best time for technology because it is forever changing. I am amazed everyday by what new “gadget” will be available next. This is just something that is going to keep growing and making our generation that much more advanced.

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