Post #2

The Modern Condition describes the exponential increase in media and technology. It is the condition that is formed by the growing age of technology, and all the pros and cons that goes along with it. It is the competition to “win” over the way society gets information, and to some extent it will effect the way each of us lives our everyday lives, and how each of us work.

Technology will greatly (and has already) the way I work. My job in retail is actually a prime example of the Modern Condition and how if a company does not recognize the needs of the future, they will eventually begin to fail. Borders, Blockbuster Video, Office Max, and now even Best Buy, all companies that failed to realize (or realized too late) the extent which new technology, specifically the internet will effect their business. And now they are no longer in business (minus Best Buy, which is hurting, and restructuring, incorporating and adding cell phone stores inside their existing stores)

The way the consumer wants to buy their merchandise is largely effected by technology. And the way in which the consumer receives their merchandise is also effected. In my job we utilize computers for basically everything. To check inventory to order merchandise for the store and customer. As well as communicate to store, district and regional level management staff. This increases efficiency and communication. But like in the Chaplin parody the more tools that are created to increase efficiency the faster the work (as well as more work) will be accepted of each person.

I found the Chaplin Parody to be quite entertaining, while it is of course an exaggeration, it shows how technology could be seen as a negative. I am one that feels technology is fantastic and needs to be accepted and assimilated into all aspects of one’s life, and maybe that is because of the generation I come from. However, I can see how in the case of this parody some could feel it could turn into a negative. It shows how the president of this company is able to monitor his employees at all times (negative for the employees) but at the same time he is able to video himself right in to a “branch manager” if you will. And who is then able to communicate what the boss wants to the rest of the staff. (good for the business).

What I think it shows is that it is a delicate balance. The one thing technology can never replace is the human element. There is fault with anything including technology, and companies need to ensure they find a balance, so that they are able to keep up with consumer needs and not end up like Borders and Blockbuster, but at the same time maintain that human element that technology simply cannot give to the consumer.

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