Post #5

I really liked the BBC article Technology feeds grassroots media and the 360 snippet on Microbial Video Games. I felt they both took a unique and more positive approach to technological advancement in social media. In a world where some people reject social media as a real form of communication, and another younger group of people swear by it, it is refreshing to see these articles.

In the BBC article it discussed the shift from a passive audience in the early 1990’s to a very active and interactive audience in current day. What our class is doing now is a testament to how strong social media has become. Using word press to as a tool to aid in our education would be a great addition in this article. Through the use of Blogs, Vlogs (video blogs), and podcast people are able to better communcate with one another from people all over the world.

We have such access to people now that was simply unthinkable a decade ago. The way we can all communicate with people from different places, viewpoints, world views etc. And with that said this also allows for online communities to build through finding those with similarities to us. (This goes back to creating our online identity)

The BBC article also discusses the use of the internet in research such as Wiki, while some people may feel the internet has made learning “too easy” it is not always about how quickly we can find an answer. It is about the research behind it, instead of going driving to the library and fining a book, yes it is much easier to just google something. But think how about how much more information we are able to get from the simply click of a mouse, we are able to access millions of different pieces of information all at our finger tips.

The 360 article while focused on a video game, discussed the advances we have been able to make. Through these technological advancements we are able to do so much more with these video games. The creator hopes that games like his will be able to bu used in schools to make biology more interesting and fun for students. By making it interactive like these he feels it will be more conducive to learning.

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