Post #6 – Media and Technology in my Everyday life

I would definitely consider myself an avid user of media and technology. I’ll first go through what I use for my own personal use, but then go through some other things I use for work, which ironically I use probably as much or more then my own items.

While I’m at work I typically can’t use my phone, but once I’m out of work, it is on my person at all times. For me my iPhone is basically a need more than a want and is always by my side. The reason being is it does basically everything, and has become something I rely on for a plethora of different reasons each and every day. It wakes me up in the morning, tells me the time, ahs my calendar of events, a calculator which I use a lot for some reason. It also has a memo pad for me to write down notes. It now has a reminder app which I use frequently as an aid to my calendar to really make sure I don’t forget the important stuff. It also allows me to access the internet, I’m sure I don’t need to explain the importance of that. It acts as my camera, and on top of ALL of that, it allows me to communicate with others at the touch of a button.

I would say that’s a pretty good example of media and technology. This is also a great example of convergence and how companies are trying create things that do it all. Instead of needing 10 different devices for all the things I mentioned I only need ONE.

My computer and iPad are also both an extension of my ability to communicate all my devices to one another and have access to everything I mentioned and more at any time no matter where I am. I use all of these devices for school, work and sometimes leisure.

I know I said need in the beginning, and they really have turned into that. Sure we can say how did our parents live with out these things while growing up. And sure it is possible, but honestly, we live in a world today that relies SO much on media and technology, I don’t think you could be successful without a computer or a cellphone. Once you have it, it would be too difficult to go back to a life without these tools.

At work I utilize a computer quite frequently, this not only houses the internet like a normal computer, but being a company computer it has access to a variety of other programs that help run business such as inventory and ordering screens, scheduling, vendor info etc. On top of this I also utilize handheld scanners scanners that make a variety of tasks at work much easier.

As far as how much time I spend on these forms of technology, there is not an hour that goes by at work where I do not somehow need to utilize some form of computer at my job. And when I am home, like I mentioned my phone is always by my side. And my computer is always on.

3 thoughts on “Post #6 – Media and Technology in my Everyday life

  1. I would agree with you on how we live in a world where we as people rely on so much media and technology and we cannot be successful without our cellphones or their computers. It just goes to show that we as a society are relying more on our technology devices that we got for so much money instead of relying on our tools that we were born and tools that we learned as we grew up.

  2. I completely agree with your statement that you cannot be successful unless you have a cellphone, computer, etc. We depend on these technologies for so many things and this one little device produces everything for us at the touch of a button. I would be lost (legitimately) if I didn’t have the GPS on my phone or to be able to look up how to fix this or cook that.

    Also it is a lot harder to step away from these technologies especially if you are working with them everyday at your job. It seems that we never get to have a break unless we are sleeping or something stops working. These technologies are like our babies, we take care of them like we would take care of a child or an animal. We charge them, use them, play with them, connect with them and when something goes wrong with them we are devastated (or at least I am). They are a very important part of our world.

  3. I definitely agree that my smartphone is more of a need than a want. Don’t get me wrong I do love it, but I absolutely depend on it for most of the same reasons you have listed. It wakes me up, keeps my notes, etc.

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