Media and Technology- Post #8

Media and Technology truly depend on one another to advance and grow. They are interdependent on one another to spread information.

Media is how information is spread, and technology is what allows this media to spread. Media can be any type of social network, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress etc. Technology is the means by which this happens, Phone, Computer, Tablet.

New forms of media are being created each and every day, as media grows, so does it capabilities of being spread to new people. Media is able to grow when technology grows, because it can take on new outlets, it previously was not able to take on. And technology grow because of the direction media is taking. They both influence each others growth, by seeing and meeting the demands of people.

For example, the smartphone has influenced a range of applications to spread media including, Instagram, Vine, FaceTime, mobile twitter, mobile facebook, so that these forms of media can be used at anytime. Becuase of the capabilities of a smartphone some of these applications were created. There was no such thing as instagram or vine before the smartphone.

And many of these applications such as twitter have become even more popular due to it’s mobile presence. I can not find a statistic but I bet a slight majority, if not a larger majority of twitter users update from their mobile device.


A list of media and technologies, Blogs: Such as WordPress, Tumblr, Wiki even twitter

Vlogs: On YouTube, or even new applications such as Vine, On Instagram Video

PhotoSharing: On Facebook, Instagram, Flickr

Podcasts and Itunes

Video Games

All of these different Media Technologies share a common interest. Interacting and sharing information with groups of people, you may or may not know. It’s funny to me when people from a different generation criticize the younger generation for being on the computer too much and not “playing outside” I bet our generation does more communicating and interacting then others can ever dream of.

Right now, you can go on the internet and communicate and even talk to someone from across the globe in a matter of seconds. This was not plausible years ago. We can contact hundreds of people in a matter of seconds of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Media and Technology also allows people to find other people with common interests, it allows people to educate themselves on different cultures or ideas. It simply allows knowledge, thoughts, ideas and information to be spread. 


One thought on “Media and Technology- Post #8

  1. I totally agree with what you said about how some media wouldn’t exist or be as popular without the mobile component. Apps like Twitter would never be as popular if people didn’t have access to it at all times.

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