My Technology Future- Post #9

Before I get into my story, I want to preface it by saying I want my future and my story to show the positive side of what technology can do. While for the most part people recognize technology as a positive, for some reason when looking in to the future, it is a place controlled by robots and little human control. And while sure we will have computers and machines doing more for us, nothing could ever touch the human element of society. Technology is there to help us become more efficient not more lazy.


My Story:

It’s Monday morning, I have to be in work by 8am. So by 6am, my computer controlled night shades, worn over my eyes, began it’s wake up cycle. They are designed to give the user a perfect nights sleep. It controls lights/darkness, as well as the users stage of sleep. It creates the perfect night sleep, and allows your body to naturally wake up at the desired time. It slowly wakes up the user so by 6:30am, I am able to jump out of bed, fully awake and ready to start my day.

Programmed the night before, the master computer built into my house knows my schedule for the day. It knew I would be up at 6:30, so it started brewing my coffee at 6:40, ready for me when I got downstairs at 6:50. It knew I would be down at 6:52. It knows the approximate time I will be downstairs, plus or minus 63 seconds due to it’s averaged analysis of my morning routine over the past 3 years I have had this technology. It knew I would spend an extra 3 minutes in the show then I usually allow myself because I’ve had a tough work schedule over the past few weeks.

My shower sets itself to the ideal temperature, and slowly begins cooling when it’s time to get out, or it knows I may fall back to sleep. This is the part of my day my computer can’t really control, because there is an override that allows me to turn up the heat if I want too. Thus adjusting back the time my coffee needs to brew.

Finally I get downstairs, 6:55, and my coffee just finished brewing. My tablet computer has all my alerts for the day including, all of the websites, news, social networking etc that I typically will look at. The more you use this system the more it remembers your habits. It also reminds me if there is anything I marked as important on the calendar.

7:10 hits and I’m ready for my morning commute, no flying cars, just my water powered car with advanced safety features that guarantees a safe drive. I get to work my 7:45, ready to start my day in retail.

Yes, there are still retail business, different then what they used to be a lot more technology in store, but still there with people running the show. Just more adapted to new technologies then they used to be.



I hope my story was able to show how while technology will become an even larger part of our life, it is there to help us not control us. And we can never get rid of the human element.


One thought on “My Technology Future- Post #9

  1. I really enjoyed reading your story. It was interesting to see a more positive side/opinion, because usually all I ever see or think about is how technology is going to negatively effect us in the future. I really hope that this will be part of our future and technology will help improve us in positive ways instead of us losing ourselves because of it.

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