Post #10 – Most Important Technology to me

The most important technology to me and my life, as well as my future and professional ambitions, has to be my mobile phone.

The possibilities of a mobile phone are endless, and has already proven to be one of the greatest pieces of technology. It is not only a phone, but a portable computer in which any and all features of a computer can be used, but at the convenience of your pocket.

While I am not discounting the capabilities of regular desk top, or lap top computers, as I know they will be even more utilized in the home, and build into a homes core, it is the mobile phone that has changed our life and will continue to do so.

The smartphone will eventually, and is close to making wallets obsolete. I am already able to load gift cards on to my phone, as well tickets, including airline tickets. But soon I’m guessing within a year or two, we will be able to load our credit cards onto our phone. And while yes, I’m sure at first this could cause security issues, as with all technology there will be more advanced security measures, maybe even a finger print scan to ensure I am the proper user of the phone and credit card.

In and of itself the capability of using your phone as your wallet is huge. But I’m sure there will be even more applications created to aid in every day life. Such as controlling your homes internal computers with your phone. To an extent this can already be done, people can start there car, record TV shows, and control their heat and air system with there phone. I bet we can start our oven/meals, start the fire place, the shower and many more things, all with our phones.

Instead of going for a blood test, just put your phone up against your arm and let it scan for any issues. It sounds crazy. but when we think of it, I don’t think that’s too far off.

As far as professional ambitions, I think the phone will come in handy for anybody. It already as video chat capabilities, as well as note taking and picture taking. As well as the ability to email and communicate. But what is next? The possibilities are endless. Sending files over the phone, Video messages, communication is key any any profession, and the smart phone, will only increase the efficiency of any professional over time.


One thought on “Post #10 – Most Important Technology to me

  1. Stephen- I agree that the smartphone has become easily the most useful piece of technology we have right now and will be for years to come. You bring up an interesting point when you talk about the future, what smartphones could be able to do, and what issues they will bring. It certainly raises questions about security, especially when these phones are starting to be used for important things like credit cards, blood tests, etc. It makes me consider this…issues come about when new technology is used, there is no denying that. However, I believe that as newer and more revolutionary phone technology like what you mentioned, that there is far less room for error. For example, if a blood test addition does come out, all errors and possible glitches absolutely must be worked out before it could really be put to use in everyday life.

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