Post #7 – Thoughts, Ideas, and Defenitions

Technology, Media, Information, Communications, Science, art, and Culture.

The above terms are often used almost synonymously with one another, if not used to mean the same thing, they are often used in conjunction to each other as well. The reason being is they are very closely related, but they do have different meanings.

To me, it really starts with Culture and Communication. Culture is what individual societies form, it is the lifestyle of a grouping or multiple groupings of people. They can be separated by region, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, so on and so forth. Culture is somewhat like the umbrella for all these other terms, because of how it directly influences them.

This brings in Communication. It is a cultures desire to interact that brings about different forms of communication. The ability to communicate is so important to any culture, it can make or break them. There are many different levels of communication, often telling of what type of society they are, through the ways and means they communicate.

Next, what are people trying to communicate? They are trying to communicate information. Information is anything and everything that a culture wants other people to know. It is knowledge, no matter how miniscule that people are trying to spread to others.

Art is one way to communicate thoughts, ideas, and information. It was one of the first forms of communication, and has now taken on a more sophisticated way to communicate to others.

Science, Media, and Technology are next.

While I have already said all of the terms we are discussing are closely related, these terms share an even deeper connection.

Media, is how communication is spread. Communicating depends upon media as a way to spread information. Media is effected by technology, because media can take on so many different forms, and science is what allows it to take on these different forms, TV, Internet, YouTube, Social Networking, Smart Phones, Telephones so on and so forth.

While these terms can become complex due to their vague nature, if we really  think about them every time we come across one of these words, we can really dig deeper into what it is really trying to say.

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