Post #11 – Piracy- (music, movies, software, books, fonts)

Piracy is a tricky thing. As funny as that sounds, seeing as one would assume their is only one way to look at piracy. The thing is piracy can be so broad and used throughout so many different platforms and formats. One can pirate music, movies, books, software and much much more. Back in the day many people were simply not aware of the implications of file sharing. This was big in the music industry, as it was so easy to share a music file with a friend. And to many people they saw nothing wrong with this. If you go buy a CD you could technically “burn” it for as many friends as you would like and it is completely legal. So what makes the act of file sharing illegal? Fact of the matter is file sharing can share these files with the world/ So it’s not just one or two of your friends getting that music single, it is millions of people.


It has made the act of “stealing” something seem okay, because people do not think of this as stealing. And the same goes from programs, movies, etc. If you walk in to a music store and take CD off the shelf, you could be arrested yes? And most people would probably agree that stealing is wrong, and MOST people who do this file sharing would probably not go into a store and physically steal something. This comes back to the fact that since it’s not physical stealing, people feel that it’s not stealing. Or how about programs, really expensive programs such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, hundreds of dollars. Would you walk into the apple store right now, and take it off the shelf?? Probably not. But if I then polled people and asked would they download it for free off the Internet, form a torrent, I bet I would get a lot more yesses.


As far as music goes, I also feel passionately that we must support the artists and bands that we like, by actually purchasing their music. It is what keeps them in business making music! I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with music, and my family as a huge passion for music, or the fact that my mom is a singer/songwriter. But I find it wrong to use file sharing sites such as napster to get free music. I think too many people are not thinking about the consequences. They justify “stealing” music because, why should they pay for it, if they can get if free? Well why should anyone pay for anything?? And I hate the excuse, well people our age are in college and don’t have a lot of money. Okay, well I don’t see you stealing gas, or food, or clothes. So why is music okay?


I find this trend very unsettling, and I have to say I bet most of the people I know get their music, movies, and programs, from less then reputable sources, most likely free of charge. It is a disturbing trend that will continue, unless stricter regulations are put in place.


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