TECHlab: Electricity & Wireless – Post #12

I found all of these articles on Electricity to be really fascinating! We too often take for granted something so pertinent to how we live our lives. To look through the growth of electricity in A Century of Electricity, and see all of the many different players it took to get where we are today is amazing. The amount of different people who played some role in the discovery and invention of the many different uses of electricity is immense. To remember all of the innovators, and see how out their some of their ideas may have seemed at the time, to now where they are seen as brilliant pioneers who not only have us light, but the industrial revolution, and even all of our wireless communication.

To think that today filled with computers, smart phones, tablets, TVs, and everything else that run on wireless networks, it all started with electricity, radio telegraphy etc. Look at how far we have come in 100 years, from Morse Code, to text messaging. Articles like this tend to be pretty eye opening to our generation, who often forget how it all started!


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