DIY QR Code- Post #14

I found a project on that showed users how to create personalized QR Codes. If you have never seen a QR code before it is like a UPC code except more digitized with black and white squares and specs. (I posted the QR code I created in the post before this) The cool thing about QR codes is that they allow users with smartphones to scan them and they are brought right to a website, or a page with more information, or even right to a place to sign up for something, or sometimes can give the user special deals or coupons. All depending on what the QR Code is being used for.

Alot more companies and manufacturers are using QR codes as easy and fun ways to reach a newer generation of people and give them more info on their products or services. You will find these on a lot of boxes of merchandise in different retail establishment. There is only so much room on these boxes, so as a way to get more information to the consumer, a QR Code will prompt the customer usually out of curiosity to scan it, and give them even more info.

This DIY project was easy, and I thought it was awesome that anyone can create a QR Code. It think this is great for people will blogs and such they are trying to promote, because like I mentioned QR codes typically spark interest and curiosity in people. So this project directed me to the website:

You then had to choose what type of data you are converting into a QR Code, a website URL, Social Media site, YouTube video, iTunes link etc. Then copy the link into the space provided. After this you have the option of changing the color of the code, or even putting visuals on the actual code, like a Facebook or twitter symbol embedded on it. Then simply select and output type: Download, Print, Email, or even the option of putting the code on different merchandise. And you’re all set!

As you can see in the previous post to this I posted my QR Code. You can scan this with a QR Code Scanner application on your smartphone. (It’s free in the app store) Once you scan it, it will bring you right to my wordpress page! Pretty awesome!


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