TechLab: Computers- Post #13

A world without computers is almost incomprehensible. This is especially true for those of us Generation Y’ers who have basically grown up with computers. Even for those people who did not grow up with them, but use computers now could never turn back and stop using them. My 88 year old grandpa does all of his bills on the computer as well as saves countless documents and pictures. With out the computer he would be lost.

When thinking of computers we cannot just think about our desk top or lap top computer, or even our smartphones for that matter. While yes, those are some of the most prominent and most used  computers we use, and directly effect us, those are also the obvious ones. But what about the less obvious ones that still have a great impact on all our lives? How about the calculator? Or  a cash register? ATM machines, cars, and so much more everyday technology. So much of our everyday life, and so much of the things we use everyday have some sort of computer associated with them.

All of these things are designed to make life easier, and make life more efficient. To bring this back to my own life, I cannot imagine doing my job without a computer. First, it would be difficult to have a major retail corporation like the one I work at without computers, because money handling and the cash register alone would not be possible without a computer, and it seems implausible to go back to manual cash registers and do the business we do. I am also in constant communication with district and regional management over email. Without corporate email, communication across the company would be very difficult, and much less efficient. On top of this I use the computer at my job for many different purposes, from ordering merchandise to transferring items to other stores, putting merchandise on hold, as well as creating signs. (Making signs is also done on a computer)

The things above are only a few of the things I have to do with a computer be it a desk top, or hand help scanner of sorts. I honestly could not imagine how anyone could efficiently do all of these things without the help of a computer. (Probably would need to hire a lot more people, which would also cost more money)

And when all of this is said and done, apart from using computers/phones for leisure, so much of my school work, and in the case of our class is done over a computer, all of these things would be so much more difficult to complete, and in the case of our class we wouldn’t be here taking an online class if there was no computer.


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