My Technology Future- Post #9

Before I get into my story, I want to preface it by saying I want my future and my story to show the positive side of what technology can do. While for the most part people recognize technology as a positive, for some reason when looking in to the future, it is a place controlled by robots and little human control. And while sure we will have computers and machines doing more for us, nothing could ever touch the human element of society. Technology is there to help us become more efficient not more lazy.


My Story:

It’s Monday morning, I have to be in work by 8am. So by 6am, my computer controlled night shades, worn over my eyes, began it’s wake up cycle. They are designed to give the user a perfect nights sleep. It controls lights/darkness, as well as the users stage of sleep. It creates the perfect night sleep, and allows your body to naturally wake up at the desired time. It slowly wakes up the user so by 6:30am, I am able to jump out of bed, fully awake and ready to start my day.

Programmed the night before, the master computer built into my house knows my schedule for the day. It knew I would be up at 6:30, so it started brewing my coffee at 6:40, ready for me when I got downstairs at 6:50. It knew I would be down at 6:52. It knows the approximate time I will be downstairs, plus or minus 63 seconds due to it’s averaged analysis of my morning routine over the past 3 years I have had this technology. It knew I would spend an extra 3 minutes in the show then I usually allow myself because I’ve had a tough work schedule over the past few weeks.

My shower sets itself to the ideal temperature, and slowly begins cooling when it’s time to get out, or it knows I may fall back to sleep. This is the part of my day my computer can’t really control, because there is an override that allows me to turn up the heat if I want too. Thus adjusting back the time my coffee needs to brew.

Finally I get downstairs, 6:55, and my coffee just finished brewing. My tablet computer has all my alerts for the day including, all of the websites, news, social networking etc that I typically will look at. The more you use this system the more it remembers your habits. It also reminds me if there is anything I marked as important on the calendar.

7:10 hits and I’m ready for my morning commute, no flying cars, just my water powered car with advanced safety features that guarantees a safe drive. I get to work my 7:45, ready to start my day in retail.

Yes, there are still retail business, different then what they used to be a lot more technology in store, but still there with people running the show. Just more adapted to new technologies then they used to be.



I hope my story was able to show how while technology will become an even larger part of our life, it is there to help us not control us. And we can never get rid of the human element.


Media and Technology- Post #8

Media and Technology truly depend on one another to advance and grow. They are interdependent on one another to spread information.

Media is how information is spread, and technology is what allows this media to spread. Media can be any type of social network, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress etc. Technology is the means by which this happens, Phone, Computer, Tablet.

New forms of media are being created each and every day, as media grows, so does it capabilities of being spread to new people. Media is able to grow when technology grows, because it can take on new outlets, it previously was not able to take on. And technology grow because of the direction media is taking. They both influence each others growth, by seeing and meeting the demands of people.

For example, the smartphone has influenced a range of applications to spread media including, Instagram, Vine, FaceTime, mobile twitter, mobile facebook, so that these forms of media can be used at anytime. Becuase of the capabilities of a smartphone some of these applications were created. There was no such thing as instagram or vine before the smartphone.

And many of these applications such as twitter have become even more popular due to it’s mobile presence. I can not find a statistic but I bet a slight majority, if not a larger majority of twitter users update from their mobile device.


A list of media and technologies, Blogs: Such as WordPress, Tumblr, Wiki even twitter

Vlogs: On YouTube, or even new applications such as Vine, On Instagram Video

PhotoSharing: On Facebook, Instagram, Flickr

Podcasts and Itunes

Video Games

All of these different Media Technologies share a common interest. Interacting and sharing information with groups of people, you may or may not know. It’s funny to me when people from a different generation criticize the younger generation for being on the computer too much and not “playing outside” I bet our generation does more communicating and interacting then others can ever dream of.

Right now, you can go on the internet and communicate and even talk to someone from across the globe in a matter of seconds. This was not plausible years ago. We can contact hundreds of people in a matter of seconds of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Media and Technology also allows people to find other people with common interests, it allows people to educate themselves on different cultures or ideas. It simply allows knowledge, thoughts, ideas and information to be spread. 

Post #7 – Thoughts, Ideas, and Defenitions

Technology, Media, Information, Communications, Science, art, and Culture.

The above terms are often used almost synonymously with one another, if not used to mean the same thing, they are often used in conjunction to each other as well. The reason being is they are very closely related, but they do have different meanings.

To me, it really starts with Culture and Communication. Culture is what individual societies form, it is the lifestyle of a grouping or multiple groupings of people. They can be separated by region, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, so on and so forth. Culture is somewhat like the umbrella for all these other terms, because of how it directly influences them.

This brings in Communication. It is a cultures desire to interact that brings about different forms of communication. The ability to communicate is so important to any culture, it can make or break them. There are many different levels of communication, often telling of what type of society they are, through the ways and means they communicate.

Next, what are people trying to communicate? They are trying to communicate information. Information is anything and everything that a culture wants other people to know. It is knowledge, no matter how miniscule that people are trying to spread to others.

Art is one way to communicate thoughts, ideas, and information. It was one of the first forms of communication, and has now taken on a more sophisticated way to communicate to others.

Science, Media, and Technology are next.

While I have already said all of the terms we are discussing are closely related, these terms share an even deeper connection.

Media, is how communication is spread. Communicating depends upon media as a way to spread information. Media is effected by technology, because media can take on so many different forms, and science is what allows it to take on these different forms, TV, Internet, YouTube, Social Networking, Smart Phones, Telephones so on and so forth.

While these terms can become complex due to their vague nature, if we really  think about them every time we come across one of these words, we can really dig deeper into what it is really trying to say.

Post #6 – Media and Technology in my Everyday life

I would definitely consider myself an avid user of media and technology. I’ll first go through what I use for my own personal use, but then go through some other things I use for work, which ironically I use probably as much or more then my own items.

While I’m at work I typically can’t use my phone, but once I’m out of work, it is on my person at all times. For me my iPhone is basically a need more than a want and is always by my side. The reason being is it does basically everything, and has become something I rely on for a plethora of different reasons each and every day. It wakes me up in the morning, tells me the time, ahs my calendar of events, a calculator which I use a lot for some reason. It also has a memo pad for me to write down notes. It now has a reminder app which I use frequently as an aid to my calendar to really make sure I don’t forget the important stuff. It also allows me to access the internet, I’m sure I don’t need to explain the importance of that. It acts as my camera, and on top of ALL of that, it allows me to communicate with others at the touch of a button.

I would say that’s a pretty good example of media and technology. This is also a great example of convergence and how companies are trying create things that do it all. Instead of needing 10 different devices for all the things I mentioned I only need ONE.

My computer and iPad are also both an extension of my ability to communicate all my devices to one another and have access to everything I mentioned and more at any time no matter where I am. I use all of these devices for school, work and sometimes leisure.

I know I said need in the beginning, and they really have turned into that. Sure we can say how did our parents live with out these things while growing up. And sure it is possible, but honestly, we live in a world today that relies SO much on media and technology, I don’t think you could be successful without a computer or a cellphone. Once you have it, it would be too difficult to go back to a life without these tools.

At work I utilize a computer quite frequently, this not only houses the internet like a normal computer, but being a company computer it has access to a variety of other programs that help run business such as inventory and ordering screens, scheduling, vendor info etc. On top of this I also utilize handheld scanners scanners that make a variety of tasks at work much easier.

As far as how much time I spend on these forms of technology, there is not an hour that goes by at work where I do not somehow need to utilize some form of computer at my job. And when I am home, like I mentioned my phone is always by my side. And my computer is always on.

Post #5

I really liked the BBC article Technology feeds grassroots media and the 360 snippet on Microbial Video Games. I felt they both took a unique and more positive approach to technological advancement in social media. In a world where some people reject social media as a real form of communication, and another younger group of people swear by it, it is refreshing to see these articles.

In the BBC article it discussed the shift from a passive audience in the early 1990’s to a very active and interactive audience in current day. What our class is doing now is a testament to how strong social media has become. Using word press to as a tool to aid in our education would be a great addition in this article. Through the use of Blogs, Vlogs (video blogs), and podcast people are able to better communcate with one another from people all over the world.

We have such access to people now that was simply unthinkable a decade ago. The way we can all communicate with people from different places, viewpoints, world views etc. And with that said this also allows for online communities to build through finding those with similarities to us. (This goes back to creating our online identity)

The BBC article also discusses the use of the internet in research such as Wiki, while some people may feel the internet has made learning “too easy” it is not always about how quickly we can find an answer. It is about the research behind it, instead of going driving to the library and fining a book, yes it is much easier to just google something. But think how about how much more information we are able to get from the simply click of a mouse, we are able to access millions of different pieces of information all at our finger tips.

The 360 article while focused on a video game, discussed the advances we have been able to make. Through these technological advancements we are able to do so much more with these video games. The creator hopes that games like his will be able to bu used in schools to make biology more interesting and fun for students. By making it interactive like these he feels it will be more conducive to learning.

Identity and Social Networking ID’s- Post #4

User ID’s and the idea of “Identity Projection” on Social Networking sites is a very interesting concept. First off I feel to an extent people’s ID’s on the internet are a product of the time they are created. Over the years trends in ID’s tend to vary based on the popularity of different sites, as well as different fads of that time period.

In conclusion, internet IDs tend to say a lot about a person, who they are, and possibly who they want to be.

For example years ago MySpace was THE social networking site, it was the “new thing” that everyone wanted to be a part of. If you didn’t have a MySpace you weren’t “in” or you weren’t “cool” or it means you haven’t kept up with the fast moving pace of the new world of social networking. (Sound familiar? Name today’s sites that would have a similar concept of a must have, twitter, facebook, instagram, pintrest, vine)

Because these sites had such power in their popularity they are able to dictate how their users use them, and to an extent they can dictate how the users choose to identify themselves. First and foremost being their user ID. Like I mentioned this varies with each site. It depends on what that site allows you to choose for a name. Do you have to put your name? Do you have to create a unique screen name?

With these options then comes each members choice of how they want to project themselves on the internet. Do you simply choose your name? Do you make up a name? Do you add in numbers or extra letters, or adjectives? Ex. BlondChick1234 sound familiar? AIM anyone?

Whether we realize it or not, these screennames or user ID’s show the world an image of ourselves that we want to project. Usually we like to project the best image of ourselves because we know the world is watching, so what do screen names like Blondbabe123 say about someone? Or what does it say about us if we simply use our real name? Are we boring? Are we not scared for people to find us, and see the real us? Not a internet created depiction of us?

I think people choose these names based on their own self efficacy as well as the image they would like to project of themselves. With this said, I think something very unique to the internet is the ability for people to truly have multiple identities. Is this necessarily a bad thing? No, I don’t think so, however what happens when these identities start to overlap?

I think people choose different user ID’s based on what website they are on, what they will be using it for, and who will see it. I think that certain websites such as Twitter, or Tumblr, or any internet Forum allows a sense of anonymity if desired. Any one of us could create one of those accounts with a different name, and not be seen by our friends. What is the purpose of this? Well, I think doing so allows people to express themselves and their interests without fear of judgement from others. The internet allows communities to build out of similar interests, and the unique ability to create your own identity from scratch, even if it is not who you are in real life. Maybe it is someone you want to be, but can’t in the real world.

Marketplace Post #3

These podcasts each take a unique look both the pros and cons of new technological issues and how they effect us. To take a look at all of these issues we can relate it back to one of the three articles from this week that spoke about convergence. The convergence of media is prevalent now more then ever. Technology rarely is used for only one purpose now.

We see how great technology can be like in the first podcast where it can be used for educational purposes. It connects us all and can be used for good, to benefit others, companies, groups, the environment, the world. I think it is amazing how connected technology can make us. The way we are able to connect with others all over the planet.

Another great use of technology, specifically cell phones and computers are text messaging. Something some may have mixed feelings about, it has truly changed the way people around the world communicate. One of the podcasts even discussing how text messages can be sent out to remind people to get vaccines/see their doctor in different countries, where not receiving these vaccines can be imperative.

The internet tends to band together when web freedom is threatened, such as when many different websites went dark in response new laws and regulations that could have limited the freedom of the internet. As well as google allowing Syrian citizens to record messages to twitter to explain what was happening during their internet shutdown from the government.

With all of this, their are cons to such technologies, (as with anything) there will be those companies or people who try and take advantage of the technology, or use the system to benefit them. Facebook constantly changing privacy settings, trying to sell user info, and charge members money. But that is the beauty of technology, the freedom that comes with it.

Post #2

The Modern Condition describes the exponential increase in media and technology. It is the condition that is formed by the growing age of technology, and all the pros and cons that goes along with it. It is the competition to “win” over the way society gets information, and to some extent it will effect the way each of us lives our everyday lives, and how each of us work.

Technology will greatly (and has already) the way I work. My job in retail is actually a prime example of the Modern Condition and how if a company does not recognize the needs of the future, they will eventually begin to fail. Borders, Blockbuster Video, Office Max, and now even Best Buy, all companies that failed to realize (or realized too late) the extent which new technology, specifically the internet will effect their business. And now they are no longer in business (minus Best Buy, which is hurting, and restructuring, incorporating and adding cell phone stores inside their existing stores)

The way the consumer wants to buy their merchandise is largely effected by technology. And the way in which the consumer receives their merchandise is also effected. In my job we utilize computers for basically everything. To check inventory to order merchandise for the store and customer. As well as communicate to store, district and regional level management staff. This increases efficiency and communication. But like in the Chaplin parody the more tools that are created to increase efficiency the faster the work (as well as more work) will be accepted of each person.

I found the Chaplin Parody to be quite entertaining, while it is of course an exaggeration, it shows how technology could be seen as a negative. I am one that feels technology is fantastic and needs to be accepted and assimilated into all aspects of one’s life, and maybe that is because of the generation I come from. However, I can see how in the case of this parody some could feel it could turn into a negative. It shows how the president of this company is able to monitor his employees at all times (negative for the employees) but at the same time he is able to video himself right in to a “branch manager” if you will. And who is then able to communicate what the boss wants to the rest of the staff. (good for the business).

What I think it shows is that it is a delicate balance. The one thing technology can never replace is the human element. There is fault with anything including technology, and companies need to ensure they find a balance, so that they are able to keep up with consumer needs and not end up like Borders and Blockbuster, but at the same time maintain that human element that technology simply cannot give to the consumer.

Post #1

I’m excited to start this Media and Technology class because, we are basically living the content. Everything that happens in today’s society is somehow shaped by technology, whether it’s the laptop or phone we are using, or the social network site, YouTube, twitter etc. And media is directly effected by this technology. The way we get and use our media is so different then years ago. The way in which we hear about current events, the way we read a newspaper, is all effected by technology.

I am a Senior, Communications with Global & Media Studies Major. So this class also really brings much of what I have studied together! This is my LAST class, and I will officially have my Bachelor’s Degree (Feels nice to say!! lol)

Right now I have a full-time job as the Customer Service Trainer at Bed Bath & Beyond. I feel that what I have learned throughout earning my degree helps me in my current position. Having a communications degree I feel is a great foundation for many different career opportunities especially in retail!